Acquiring a Kantfish is Easy!

1 Choose the work in the Catalog.
2 Contact us indicating the title and desired dimensions: If you want to consult the formats you can also consult
3 You will receive the contract and the instructions for payment with Transfer, PayPal or Card. We ship worldwide. Shipping costs not included.

Remember as well that you can give someone an unimaginable surprise by gifting an artwork that will allow that person to live with a window open to another world.

“If you want to see the catalog correctly, I suggest you do it from a large screen and with peace of mind.
In general, the relationship with one or more images is created by something instinctive, that comes from deep awareness. An intimate and personal link is created, fully recognizable.
If you need any further indications or suggestions please contact us. I am happy when this happens and you start to have a personal dream from the images I brought to the world.
If the spark jumps, hit with an image, remember that we will do everything necessary so you can have it with you forever”.